Resolve 2013: Organizing my organization


So I’ve had eight days to contemplate a lot of great advice on how to GET ORGANIZED in 2013. (I’d like to point out that eight days is only two days more than it took God Almighty to organize the universe; just sayin’ that, considering the state of MY universe, trying to GET ORGANIZED in a few days less than a year seems a wee bit ambitious…)

Jessa Slade organizational tools

I’m composing this post a few days before the end of the 2012 (See how I’m TRYING to GET ORGANIZED?) because I’m frantically busy at the moment. I’m finishing one book (Sheerways #2), starting another (Steel Born #3), and organizing the launch of a third (Steel Born #2) first thing in January, like, as you are reading this right this second. I’ve already marshaled my tools to keep me on tracks. Here you can see:

  • My calendar with days slowly fading away
  • Sticky notes
  • Lined notecards
  • Print-outs of checklists
  • My color-coordinated pens (alternating black and red for “needs to be done now” and “OMG needs to be done right now!!!”)
  • Mini bottle of J&B… How did that get in here?!?… Ooh, look, there’s still a little left

Already, I’m seeing a failing in my resolution to GET ORGANIZED. I have too much to do. It’s not even 2013 and I’m already doomed. THIS IS WHAT THE MAYANS WERE TRYING TO WARN US ABOUT!!!!

No, no, calming breath. If we can survive the ending of one epoch, certainly we can survive the beginning of another. But I am going to think smaller, with more bullet points. Instead of trying to organize my universe, I am going to organize my office. There, that sounds more reasonable. My office is where I spend most of my time and it directly impacts my writing, which is what I love, so I should be most motivated to do this, at least to start.

Organizing my office lends itself nicely to bullet points and checklists:

  • Organize desk drawers and filing cubbies
  • Organize armoire
  • Organize bookshelves 1-3
  • Organize closet

Okay, this I can do. As soon as I finish my current projects in February…

All my author friends will be posting their wrap-up thoughts on their chosen resolutions — including procrastination and shrinking closets. How convenient! I think maybe we should reconvene on December 31, 2013 and see how we did!

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