Alphas are trouble

So poor Monster Girl (who is definitely NOT an alpha) survived the fireworks last night. I had a plate of angel food cake on my desk and, rather than go hide in the basement, she decided it was worth risking a flaming phosphorescent demise if there was a chance she might get a piece of cake.

I think most of us feel that way, no?

Today, I’m at Books Make Me Happy, talking about how alpha males take control if you let them. Come leave a comment for a chance to win a pair of “Alpha’s Heart” Swarovski dangle earrings.

Books Make Me Happy

Books Make Me Happy Words & Music Monday

I’m talking books and music over at Books Make Me Happy┬átalking about writing and living with music. Come say hey for a chance to win a copy of a Rainstick Cowbell album with the Marked Souls theme song.