Jessa Slade flowers


My day-job desk is messy, but now it’s lushly beautiful too, thanks to some garden blooms this morning. This probably breaks many flower arrangement laws (even numbers of flowers, too many colors, etc.) but I just grabbed a little bit of everything: calla lilies, poppies, foxglove, iris, purple bell flower, some peppery-scented little pink flower.

I figure the bounty doesn’t last forever. (Although it does come back every year.) I should revel while I can. I hope you revel too!

I call this one “Sex, then sleep”

Sex, then sleep

The lily’s hidden stamen bends gently toward the shy poppy, who murmurs, “Forsooth, fair sir, with your mockingly curled lip! Brush your golden pollen o’er me!” “With pleasure, my blushing love. With greatest pleasure!”

Both calla lilies and red poppies are also associated with death, but I write romances, so these two will have a happy ending.