Writing the Career of Your Heart

I’m guest posting at Savvy Authors today about making choices.

Once upon a time (like, five whole years ago) aspiring authors talked about writing the books of their hearts. When the discussion arose, the writers debated the relative merits of BotH (books of the heart) versus commercial books. Writing to the market– or so the conversation went– presupposed a better chance of commercial acceptability, but a BotH would be more likely to achieve breakout success with its passion and originality.

With the rise of self-publishing, the debate has waned. BotHs that wouldn’t stand a chance in New York are finding life in the e world. The angst of spec writing has lessened now that writers have more options for “unwanted” stories. Instead, I think the conversation is about writing the CAREER of your heart…

Read more at Savvy Authors, which BTW is a great place to learn more about your writing career options.