Resolve 2013: Tips from an organizing pro

Note from Jessa: Today we have author Cassiel Knight reviewing ways to GET ORGANIZED when it comes to time and effort. I usually think of organization as a physical thing, so this should be interesting.


Advice from Cassiel Knight
Author of 
Key of Solomon (Relic Defender, Book 1)

Cassiel KnightNine of us picked one resolution as our own and the rest of us get to offer advice to our friends about their resolution. One thing I’ve noticed is that most of them have a resolution that involves some form of time management and organization.

Time management is difficult for me in that I have a lot to do – so much that I feel overwhelmed but then I plunge back in and I’m good to go. It helps that I love what I do.

Now, organization is a different beast. Jessa wants to tame that beast in 2013. So, I’m going to share a few things to see if I can help her wrestle and collar that bear. I’d say dog but she and I are dog lovers and I’d hate to think of beating them into submission. J

So, getting organized. Well, just like so many things, it’s best to start small. While I have a somewhat messy life, overall, I’m neat and most times, I can find things I want.

I get bitten by the spring cleaning bug every spring. I don’t know why. It’s not something from my childhood—I don’t recall my mother ever engaging in massive clean-out-the-junk days but for some reason, it’s my thing. Every spring. Each weekend, I attack a room. That’s me biting off a bit at a time. Because, frankly, the older I get, when the bug bites, I want to smash it into tiny pieces instead of cleaning.

Well, why the heck do I keep doing it? Because there’s a sense of satisfaction in cleaning out the junk, the things I no longer need or use. I love the elation I get when I know things are neat and clean. It’s weird, I know. I also love knowing I’m doing my part by donating to veterans’ organizations and families. Most importantly, I love the simplicity of the clean closet, organized drawers and nicely labeled folders.

Still not sure of the benefits of being organized? Well, I have a class at Savvy Authors coming in April that can not only sell you on why you should get more organized but some tips and tricks on how to get there. It’s tailored around the principles of project management. Yep, a business method can help you manage your time in your self, your writing and your career. While it’s mostly designed to help with your writing career, the principles can be applied throughout all aspects of your life.

The idea of time management and organization, ack, structure!, may give you the willies but getting organized will help you quit fumbling around and find the time to engage in things you like to do.

You can find more information about the class here:

Happy organizing and good luck!
Have a fantastic 2013!

Cassiel Knight resides in the beautiful, and evergreen, state of Oregon with her husband of over 20 years and two female Shih Tzus, which are her children in every sense of the word. When she isn’t editing, writing or reading (and that is most of the time), she can be found playing with her Shih Tzus, gardening (when the weather permits and sometimes when it doesn’t) and cooking fancy meals as long as someone else does the dishes. She writes paranormal romances with kick-assitude that blend archeology and mythology—just a few of her favorite things—for Samhain Publishing, Lyrical Press and Champagne Book Group.

You can find me at these places:

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Another Jessa note: I’m kinda digging the “wait ’til spring” approach 🙂 Although I can’t help but notice that Cassiel’s New Years Resolution is dealing with procrastination! Today I’m posting with Cathryn Cade on pursuing other creative passions. If I managed my time better, I’d have more time for other passions!

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