Great book, great contest

If you haven’t read Jeri Smith-Ready’s WICKED GAME…  Well, why haven’t you?  The mix of sex, blood and rock ‘n’ roll is to die for.  This is a book you can actually sing along with. 

I’d been drifting away from vampire stories… until I read this book.  Now I’m in love with the undead all over again.  And the mass market paperback is finally out.  Go now; I’ll wait.

Great, now that you have your receipt in hand — as well as a preorder for BAD TO THE BONE, the second book in the series with possibly the coolest cover evah — go over to Bitten By Books (one of my favorite paranormal review and interview sites) and see if you can win something.  Like an iPod Shuffle.

Jeri will be guest blogging at Silk And Shadows in June.  I think I did an excellent job not fangrrling all over the place when I booked her.  Yay me.

Where the heroes are dark & the holidays bright!

This is the first week of our Silk And Shadows author holiday gifting.  Comment at Silk And Shadows anytime this week, and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $10 Barnes & Noble gift certificate, a dark-but-not-too-dark chocolate bar from Dagoba, and “Possession in Pearl” earrings inspired by Jessa Slade’s storyworld — plus sample chapters from Jessa’s first book in The Marked Souls series.

This week's gift

Prod a friend into commenting and you both will have double the chance to win.  (Just make sure your friend mentions your name in the comment so we can credit you properly for your most excellent taste in friends.)

In the coming weeks of December and into January (with time off for Christmas and New Year’s) you’ll have more chances to win chocolate, gift certificates and autographed books from S&S authors.  So please stop by as your life allows.