Resolve 2013: Virgo shames us all

A note from Jessa: Today, author Jamie Brazil wonders why I have so much trouble with organization. I’m tempted to drag her into my office to show her! At least I don’t have a pink flamingo on my desk!


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Jamie Brazil
Author of Lost and Found, Virgo Edition

Jamie Brazil

A long time ago, I had my birth date examined by a professional astrologer.  Her computer software revealed that I had nine planets in Virgo, and my true calling in life was hotel management.  Nothing about writing or publishing.  Get thee to a Best Western!  Decades later, my experience in the overnight hospitality sector is staying in hotels… not running them.  (Though the ongoing training of dogs that sniff out bed bugs in hotels fascinates me, Bloodhound fanatic that I am.)

I digress.  The subject at hand is organization. Mine.  Apparently, all the Virgo influence in my chart equals superior organizational skills.

It also translates to being completely anal.

When it comes to putting things back where they belong I can be a little obsessive, but the reality behind that personality quirk (a.k.a. control issues) has a lot more to do with moving 18 times as a child than astrology.  I don’t like not knowing where thing are.  And it pisses me off when stuff gets lost.

Fast forward a couple decades.  I married the love of my life in 2004.  He’s a sentimental pack rat who doesn’t put his toys away, and seems to have hundreds of note-strewn scraps of paper orbiting his person most days.  As much as I’d like to think that my vows to him included the phrase, to love, honor and organize, they didn’t.

I truly do not understand how he can work at a desk that is pure chaos. If I look at it too long I start to twitch. He claims his desk reflects the nature of the Universe and Buddhism, but all I see is a jumble of notes and clutter seeking order.  Still, I don’t touch his desk… much.  I confess, there are times I just can’t help myself.

My resolution for 2013 is to leave my husband’s creative chaos alone. I’ll look the other way.  Organize the garage, or the garden shed. Maybe even get out of the house for a bit… I hear the Best Western down the road is hiring.

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Another Jessa note: “desk reflects the nature of the Universe and Buddhism” Ha-ha! I’m so using this line from now on: “My desk is a study in entropic decay. Deal with it.” Today I’m posting with Linda Mercury on her resolution to live a creative life.

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