Fresh Fiction review of DARKNESS UNDONE!

Fresh Fiction had a fabulous review for Sid’s story which includes the words “fantastic,” “excellent,” and “amazing”! Read the rest here.

DARKNESS UNDONE is also the Fresh Pick of the day. “Fresh pick” makes me imagine a lush array of summer fruits scattered across Sid’s nekkid chest. Maybe that’s just me. To find the latest Fresh Picks every day, click here.

Fresh Fiction & butterfly bush

I’m at Fresh Fiction today with a philosophical opening line:

As I type this, I have butterfly bush in my pants.

This is the problem with blog tours. I start to run out of sensible topics and quickly slip into giddiness. Okay, apparently it takes me only about a week to get giddy. A sad commentary on my fortitude. Interestingly, my descent into madness about evenly paces the amount of time it takes me to eat one His Bakery chocolate cake. More research must be done, I think.

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