Freshest Christmas tree ever

We had a volunteer cedar growing too close to the house, and this weekend we decided it finally needed to come down. And voila! Christmas tree!

It’s a little too tall, but the top is very bendy. So we just curled it over. Somewhat Charlie Brown-esque. As is usual every year, Monster Girl is baffled by the sudden growth of a tree in her spot, but she’ll get in the spirit eventually. Probably that would happen faster if I stopped trying to put bows on her head. But she’s so cute!

Hope everybody’s holiday season is fresh and pleasantly scented!

Decking the hall

Mostly, decorating for the holidays is about torturing the dog. But she DOES keep coming back to sit in the middle of my gift wrapping, so it can’t be too bad. When she gives me that long-suffering stare, she kinda looks like she has LED eyes. ūüėÄ My¬†poor¬†borg dog! Hope your howlidays are coming along festively too.

Harlequin Holiday Open House: Come say hi!

Harlequin, which publishes my Steel Born dark fairy stories, is having a Holiday Open House. Today is Out of the World Holidays, which as you might imagine focuses on Harlequin’s more paranormal and fantastical lines,¬†Nocturne and Cravings, plus Romantic Suspense, Love Inspired Suspense, TEEN, and their single titles lines.

Here is today’s schedule:¬†Friday¬†Dec 14
Series: Nocturne, Cravings, Romantic Suspense, Love Inspired Suspense, TEEN, Single Titles

Discussion: MIRA Christmas MIRAcles
Discussion: Ho Ho HQN!
Discussion: Have yourself a KILLER Christmas (with Harlequin Romantic Suspense authors)
Discussion: Out of this World Holidays!
Discussion: Midwest Christmas with Heather Gudenkauf MIRA
Discussion: Small Town Christmas with Brenda Novak and friends, MIRA
Discussion: New England Christmas with Carla Neggers MIRA
Discussion:¬†Michele Hauf’s Holiday with Bite
Discussion:Victorian Potpourri & Wassail Recipes from Deanna Raybourn’s Silent Night Novella
Discussion: Christmas Stalkings, er Stockings, with Love Inspired Suspense
Discussion: An English Christmas with Barbara Claypole White
Discussion: Which Lori Foster hero do you want to play YOUR Santa?
Extras: Is there a TEEN on your shopping list?
Extras: Games, PDF Downloads of recipes,knitting patterns etc.

Why not get your weekend started a little early? Stop by and join the fun!