Geek OUT!

So I just watched the preview for the new Star Trek (okay, okay, can I call myself a geek if it took this long for me to find out the trailer was available?) and I’m thinking, is there a way to fly backward around the sun fast enough to move time FORWARD to May 2009 so I can watch this movie now?

Ha, I am SO a geek.


Which also got me thinking, who’d you choose?  Kirk or Spock?  Or Scotty?  Or Sulu (as opposed to Takei)?   Or would you take Enterprise herself?

I’m a Spock girl myself.  Never mind that warp-speed womanizer; give me the tall, dark and brooding one.  Are you allowed to rawr over a Vulcan?

Which also also got me thinking about a post I read from a writer who wants to create the new hero meme.  She wants to move past alpha, past beta (can’t happen fast enough for me), past metro (who’s idea was that anyway?) into the next generation (ha, Trekkie reference there) of male.

What could this new hero be like?  I’m intrigued.