Happy Solstice!

Sunset here is at 4:29. So early. Such dark nights. But we’re coming to the light side now.

Mad at the Megalith by Rainstick CowbellI didn’t actually go to Stonehenge. Maybe someday… This is the Stonehenge in Maryhill, Washington, where I took pictures for Rainstick Cowbell some years ago.

Good night, night. Good morning, sunlight.


A self-pitying poem with no subtext

What he leaves behind

Broken rubber bands

An empty cardboard box
with the flaps curling in

A freezer packed
with summer jam

Scatterings from the razor
on the bathroom tile
black and stray as ants


It’s always easier to be the one who goes

(For my European friends: Here’s the Rainstick Cowbell tour schedule. Go give him a hug for me.)

Books Make Me Happy

Books Make Me Happy Words & Music Monday

I’m talking books and music over at Books Make Me Happy talking about writing and living with music. Come say hey for a chance to win a copy of a Rainstick Cowbell album with the Marked Souls theme song.

European premiere of the SEDUCED BY SHADOWS theme song!

I haven’t revealed the existence of a SEDUCED BY SHADOWS theme song before now since I’ve been holding out for a mastered copy.  I’m hoping to have an MP3 download next spring before the release of FORGED OF SHADOWS.  Meanwhile, the song has been getting regular live play in the Portland area, and here’s the first recorded clip, captured at a show in Zabrze, Poland.

(You might want to skip to 1:40 unless you speak Polish.  If you ever meet me in a bar, ply me with a BFK, give me ten minutes until my cheeks get a little rosy, then ask me to sing the only Polish I know — a wonderful drinking song my grandma taught me.)

Thank you, Rainstick Cowbell, for the Euro shout-out.

Who’s paying for this?

Some carry whips.
Some carry stones.

— Rainstick Cowbell, Mad at the Megalith


That line has been going through my head as I struggle through the last three days of my revisions before turning in Book 2.  When it comes to building megaliths, you need somebody to carry the whips and somebody to carry the stones.

When you’re writing a book, you get to do both.