Book lovin’

So look what came in the mail! If you look closely, you’ll see my demon-red eyes beautifully match the color of the font in DARKNESS UNDONE.

Having the fourth book of the Marked Souls in hand is almost surreal. I wonder if New York Times bestselling multipublished authors ever get tired of popping open that box of new books? I bet not. Unless they are ebook authors, in which case the fun is popping open a new email with the fully-formatted pdf/mobi/epub/etc.

And speaking of electronic presents, look what a Twitter link brought me:

“…I fell in love. With the characters, with the series, with the very concept. It left me with a need to read.. and read.. and read some more. Of course I have the next two books, Forged in Shadows and Vowed in Shadows already on my kindle and I am ready to go!”

You can read the rest of Tea and Book’s spectacular review of SEDUCED BY SHADOWS, Marked Souls 1, here. It was kind of beautiful to have the new book in hand while the first book is out finding new readers.

This was a good day to be a writer!

Publishes Weekly review!

Along with a solid recap of the story, Publishers Weekly had this to say about SEDUCED BY SHADOWS:

Slade’s debut presents a dark and dense supernatural conflict with high stakes… [A] rich crossover urban fantasy.”

Dark.  Dense.  Rich.  Sounds like my favorite desserts 🙂 

AND it just so happens I’m out of cookie dough, so I think this calls for a celebratory trip to the restaurant supply store for 8 lbs of sweet, sweet chocolate reward.