Spring bounty

It’s spring in Oregon! Spring means the garden is awakening. My lily of the valley patch has spread in the years since I transplanted a few stalks from my mother’s garden. Now I can pick masses of the scented blooms for my writing space, for the bathroom, for my day job office, for my neighbors (since I stole some of their snowball blossoms).

The peonies are just starting to open with their lovely bright color even more vibrant against the snowball whiteness. I expect this little bouquet to become a complete disaster because when the petals start to fall on these flowers, they exPLOde. The stink bug came along for the ride.

Spring veggies are some of the best after a long winter of cold-hardy produce. And notice how I color coordinate with my dinner! The arugula overwintered in my raised garden bed, but wow, the arugula flavor became very concentrated over the colder months. It definitely makes an ARUGULA salad even with just a few leaves. Contrast that with the delicate flavor of the first asparagus, grilled with just a little salt and pepper. Yum. Next spring, I’m* going to clear a whole loose, sandy bed for more asparagus.

I hope everybody is enjoying the change of seasons. I love to watch the shift in my gardens, but I have to admit, I’m impatient for strawberries!

* By “I”, I means the XY. Upper body strength is meant for digging in the garden. Also, for opening jars.