My hero needs hair! (Or maybe not)

Minor emergency! I just realized I haven’t nailed down my hero’s hair style (okay, I said it was minor) and the art fact sheet is due! So, what sort of hair should my dark fey warrior prince have?

Let’s challenge those cover artists! *evil grin*

Here’s a glimpse of Raze the Ruiner from A LITTLE NIGHT MUSE (Steel Born #2):

Swathed in a gray samite robe, his hulking figure was a drear wall, his glare equally gray above cheekbones as whetted as the exposed steel of the athame hanging from his belt. Amongst beings who could conjure any masquerade, his stark presentation seemed a mockery, as if he had never left the Iron Age behind.

That’s all I said about him, but now he gets his own story so I think he needs a bit of a makeover. Oh, he’s still dark (because I love those moody, broody bad boys!) and his world will soon be falling apart around him (because I love to torture those moody, broody bad boys!) but he’s gotta have style!

So what do you think would look best on him?

paranormal romance hero hair

[ETA I forgot to add color! Well, let’s assume dark hair for a dark hero.]