A rose in any other color…

My demon-ridden hero has violet eyes when his inner monster rises.  How many times could I type the word ‘violet’ before I became violent?  Lots, it turns out.  At least in Book 1.  In Book 2, I’ve decided to range farther afield.

And what a field it’s turned out to be.

Thanks to a tool from Daniel Flück, author of a book on colorblindness…


… I now can tiptoe through fields of heliptrope, lavender, magnolia, orchid, fuschia, blackberry and jazzberry when I get tired of violets.

By choosing a hue and sliding the shader, the tool generates all sorts of interesting word choices for colors.

Like palatinate purple and tyrian purple.

Need more colors?  ColourLovers has every hue and shade imaginable.  And others that you can’t imagine — or at least couldn’t before — including:

The luminous green color called hhh conjures the silent moment of Buddha-nature, when “the breath is completely out” and one effortlessly experiences the moment of death (Osho, The Book of Secrets).


I’m wearing my hhh hoodie right now.  Is this not wonderful?  Go forth and make up a color.  It’s spring, after all. 

And if you come up with a new word for violet, can you let me know? thx